The Flight of the Falcon

by Daphne Du Maurier, 1965,  audio book read by James Callis, 2010, by BBC Audiobooks Ltd.

This is still a very good book, although it is now a bit dated.  In another one hundred years or so I guess it will be considered a period novel.

The story is about a tour guide in Italy (or courier as the book terms it) who encounters an incident when guiding one of his tours.   The incident leads him to abandon his tour and pursue a mystery in his native city of Rafano.

The book was especially interesting to me as I once toured Italy on a guided tour bus so I could relate to the main character as well as the setting.  The plot is, at times, somewhat of a stretch as the coincidences that arise are a bit beyond belief.  I haven’t read a great deal of Du Maurier’s work, but I suspect that she often sets reality aside in favor of a good story.  She is a great story teller and, even if I sometimes had to suspend reality, it was very enjoyable.  The reader of this audio book did a great job, especially when using his Italian accents. four stars

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